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Idli Sambar – A Delicious Lip-Smacking Dish To Taste

India is the only country where we get to see impeccable food recipes, all of different variations.  Every state has its specialty which makes its dish different not only in taste but also in texture. From north to south and east to west, there are a lot of varieties of food that can leave your mouth watering. Similarly, Idli Sambar recipe is known to be one of the most exclusive South-Indian recipes that can win hearts of many people. This is one recipe by which the South-Indians are mainly known for.

Idli Sambar recipe makes a good combination

Idli Sambar

The Idli and sambar recipe is known to be a game-changer in the South Indian foods. This is a dish that relies on the tradition of every family, region, and community. Being the staple food of South-India, it is the most loved dishes as it is versatile, tasty, and healthy. Moreover, its availability is not only limited till India but is also appreciated throughout the world. This recipe of Idli and Sambar is loved by all the foodies, and people enjoy eating them in restaurants too. The dish has become so popular that it is sold as a street food as well.

When we speak about South-Indian cuisine, we get to see that most of the dishes are prepared by keeping health in mind. Be it any of the recipes such as the combination of Idli and Sambar it is very healthy to eat and can be added to your diet chart. Since the Idlis are steamed and made by the process of fermentation, it does not cause any effect on your health.

Besides, the Sambar recipe is also made with all sorts of vegetables are rich in protein and fibers and is a good source of health.Overall it can be said that the recipe is loaded with all sorts of nutritious ingredients and is wholeheartedly enjoyed by the people, as it provides a lot of health benefits. In addition, this recipe is also served with a spice of peanut chutney that very well compliments the whole meal. Idli Sambar is highly enjoyed by every people so this recipe is also made in the kitchen of every house these days. This is the best dish which one can eat for breakfast or have it is as a snack.

If you are health conscious or wish to have a healthy meal then you can surely go for this recipe, as it would surely provide you with all sorts of health benefits. Above all, it is a calories-free recipe too. What are you waiting for? Either make idli sambar at home or order online.  Any way, you will have a great time.


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