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5 Amazing Paneer Recipes You Can Make At Home 

If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine and love Indian food then you have probably met Paneer by now. Or if you are a cheese lover then you probably know about Paneer well enough. Paneer is a nothing but cottage cheese in fresh form and is popular all over the world. It can be made by curdling the milk by adding lemon juice or fruit acid. 

Its acid form, before collecting the clumps to finally be made into a Paneer, is called ‘chenna.’ You can eat this food uncooked and cooked. This food item is mainly consumed by non-meat eaters in substitute to meat in the Indian household but is as much loved by everyone and you do not have to a vegetarian in order to be certified to eat this food. 

Different Variety of Recipes for Paneer Dish 

Paneer Recipes

Mattar Paneer: This dish is one of the most popular Paneer recipes. It is made by cooking Paneer and green peas together with wet masala made simply from onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and chillies. This serves as a comfort food and is great to eat with naan, rice, roti and parathas. 

Paneer Butter Masala: This is another famous Paneer recipe. A creamy dish of paneer made with cream, tomatoes, butter and cashew. If you love butter then you will absolutely love this dish. This is a nutritious food with a rich taste, therefore, you can make this delicious dish for a house party and when you have guests over in the house. This food is served best with naan, paratha or roti. 

Paneer Sandwich: This is a deviation from popular Paneer dishes but should not be missed since it is so easy to make and gives an amazing taste. Crumble down the Paneer down to chunks and add spices like chilli powder, masala powder and coriander powder along with fresh curd. Add salt for taste. Take a buttered break and place thin slices of onion and red capsicum on it. You can apply sauce too for added taste. Now spread the stuffing over the bread and place the sandwiches in a grill. Serve with hot sauce or chutney of your choice. 

Til-E-Paneer: For people who like Indo-Chinese foods, this Paneer recipes could serve as a perfect fir to your taste buds. You can mix paneer, barbeque sauce, chopped spring onions, green chillies, garlic, powdered sugar, salt, lemon juice and oil. Thread paneer in bamboo skewers and glaze in a pan until they turn golden brown. 

Paneer Rolls: With a little bit of enthusiasm and creativity, you can get an amazing Paneer roll. Involve some chutney in your paratha and add in your mix along with paneer cubes and you will get an inventive twist in no time to satisfy your hunger.  

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Can Dhokla Recipe Aid in Quick and Easy Weight Loss?

Gujarathi cuisine is diverse, balanced and rich. Be it the wide range of spices or vegetables used for preparing authentic delicacies, each and every dish has a unique character in itself and the famous dhoklas- classic delight is no exception. However, the question that arises here is: can dhokla help in losing weight or is it just a hype? The answer to this question only lies here.

Dhokla Recipe- Healthy and Nourishing Indian Snack

Dhokla Recipe | Image Resource :

When you think about perfectly steamed dhoklas what exactly comes to your mind? Amazing aroma, light melt-in-the-mouth texture and exceptional taste- well, in this popular Gujarathi dish the process of steaming preserves the overall nutritional value and most importantly there is minimal consumption of oil. Let's understand these two important points in detail to find the answer.

Dhoklas are made from a smooth and silky batter which is fermented and then steamed to perfection. Here, during fermentation healthy gut-friendly bacteria are combined into the dish, these bacterias are also the reason behind the small air-pockets that are found in the traditional dhoklas.

Apart from this, steaming also has a major role to play. When dhokla are steamed, the essential nutritive value remains intact which means your body will take more time to breakdown this proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins which in turn allows you to burn more energy and leaves a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time.

Accelerate Your Weight Loss With Dhokla Recipe

When it comes to weight loss, the food that you consume is as crucial as the kind of exercises that you choose. This is exactly where home-cooked dhokla recipe can turn out to be a true lifesaver. Think about it-

(a) you are able to indulge into guilt-free snacking, as dhokla contains little to no oil

(b) your gut health is improved, that increases immunity and aids in better loss of stubborn belly fat

(c) quick and easy to make, as steaming and tempering are the only two steps involved in preparing authentic dhoklas.

Final Verdict- Should You Consider Dhokla Recipe For Weight Loss?

Absolutely, dhokla is a healthy Indian snack that holds a good balance of proteins and carbohydrates. The best part is that, the delicious taste ensure that you never get the idea of a diet-cheat ever again, which means shedding those unwanted pounds will become even more easier.So, next time when hunting for some healthy, wholesome and nourishing snack recipes that don't disappoint your palate as well never forget to consider the best dhokla recipe. At the end of the day, only the right recipe can lead to exceptional results that you always wanted to achieve. 

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Idli Sambar – A Delicious Lip-Smacking Dish To Taste

India is the only country where we get to see impeccable food recipes, all of different variations.  Every state has its specialty which makes its dish different not only in taste but also in texture. From north to south and east to west, there are a lot of varieties of food that can leave your mouth watering. Similarly, Idli Sambar recipe is known to be one of the most exclusive South-Indian recipes that can win hearts of many people. This is one recipe by which the South-Indians are mainly known for.

Idli Sambar recipe makes a good combination

Idli Sambar

The Idli and sambar recipe is known to be a game-changer in the South Indian foods. This is a dish that relies on the tradition of every family, region, and community. Being the staple food of South-India, it is the most loved dishes as it is versatile, tasty, and healthy. Moreover, its availability is not only limited till India but is also appreciated throughout the world. This recipe of Idli and Sambar is loved by all the foodies, and people enjoy eating them in restaurants too. The dish has become so popular that it is sold as a street food as well.

When we speak about South-Indian cuisine, we get to see that most of the dishes are prepared by keeping health in mind. Be it any of the recipes such as the combination of Idli and Sambar it is very healthy to eat and can be added to your diet chart. Since the Idlis are steamed and made by the process of fermentation, it does not cause any effect on your health.

Besides, the Sambar recipe is also made with all sorts of vegetables are rich in protein and fibers and is a good source of health.Overall it can be said that the recipe is loaded with all sorts of nutritious ingredients and is wholeheartedly enjoyed by the people, as it provides a lot of health benefits. In addition, this recipe is also served with a spice of peanut chutney that very well compliments the whole meal. Idli Sambar is highly enjoyed by every people so this recipe is also made in the kitchen of every house these days. This is the best dish which one can eat for breakfast or have it is as a snack.

If you are health conscious or wish to have a healthy meal then you can surely go for this recipe, as it would surely provide you with all sorts of health benefits. Above all, it is a calories-free recipe too. What are you waiting for? Either make idli sambar at home or order online.  Any way, you will have a great time.

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Top Three challenges for MBA Admission and Career

Before you start working on your MBA admission and applications, you should also keep an eye on your chances of admission and what elements in your application can work as pros or cons in your case. It is very crucial to address those weaknesses in the application process and leave no stone unturned that can mar your chances of acceptance. Do not leave any ambiguities that the school admissions team can take as adverse inferences.

MBA Admissions | Image Resource:

MBA admission process

Now that you have given the MBA entrance exam, you need to get your resume together. Here are three common concerns for MBA applicants.

  1. 1. No expansion on accomplishments - At times, one holds the same position or title with the company, and nothing seems to change much on the resume. However, one can tweak their resume to show an upward movement in their abilities and skills. Highlight professional growth and quantifiable achievements to make an impact.
  2. 2. Many changes with different careers - If your resume shows lots of career changes, that can surely raise some eyebrows. The admissions committee can get the signal that you do not carry a specific career goal and no real upward mobility. In that case, show your decisions based on well thought out reasons.
  3. 3. Negative reviews and demotions - MBA aspirants are highly concerned about negative performance reviews on their resume and need to answer application essay questions specific to the issue. It is always better to be honest, and upfront and explain what happened and how you have worked on those weaknesses.

If any of those are three major challenges in front of you in your MBA admission process, just be honest and clear. Do not try to shift your perspective and show the negatives on your application in a different light, so that the admission committee looks at you differently and focus more on your assets. Change the situation to your advantage.

Go ahead and work on your MBA admissions and candidacy and apply in one of the top B schools in India, ITM. Make the right beginning in MBA education and a great start in your career. ITM gives you the chance to grow professionally and personally, and partnerships with international universities encourage student exchanges and more in-depth knowledge transfer. Take advantage of their internationally acclaimed faculties and affiliations, as well as updated curriculum and new programs.

Please click here to know about ITM group of institutions.

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Uttapam: Another Healthy Alternative To Dosa And Idli

Are you sick of eating dosa and idli? If you are maybe you should branch out and try some other Indian which although it is not as popular as the other two mentioned already but is getting quite popular among young and old alike. Breakfast is an important part of the meal, because your stomach is empty for the entire night, and you need to have something that is healthy, filling but is also tasty! Before you head off to work, you want something tasty to eat so that you can be in a good mood. Uttapam can serve as the perfect breakfast because it is both healthy as well as delicious.

Bhel Puri | Image Resource :

The dish originated in South India, and you will find the recipe mentioned in almost all major South Indian restaurants in the country. Do not be surprised if you see uttapam in one of the menu cards any where across world because, it is one of the most popular Indian snack loved in all the continents. The dish is made in every household of South India and is mostly eaten for breakfast or as a snack. The South Indian dish is also sometimes called the Indian pancake or the Indian pizza with toppings. Although uttapam, pancake, and pizzas are completely different in how they taste and also in how they are made.  

How Is The Dish Prepared?

The dish is becoming increasingly popular because of its health benefits and also for its short preparation time. You do not need to be an expert or a chef to prepare an uttapam. It is one of the dishes that can be made by anyone even kids, if you just know simple cooking and what goes into the meal. 

To prepare uttapam, you need rice, lentils, and dosa batter. They have to prepare into a batter, and then you add spices and vegetables to this batter, which ultimately serves as toppings. The dish is served with coconut chutney, sambar and tomato chutney. 

The uttapam dish looks and tastes crispy on the outside, but the inside will be soft and spongy. Some foodies even go on to say that they love uttapam because of how eating it feels like you are having not just one dish but two! The outside feels like you are eating some snacks, while the inside feels like you are eating idli or dosa.

There are even mini uttapam recipe that are now available in some selected restaurants. You can try out one of these mini uttapams before you order regular sized ones and gobble it all down. For diet-conscious folks, you can eat oats uttapam or even plain uttapam.

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Dhokla: The Humble Dish That Is The Pride Of Gujrati Cuisines 

One of the most popular Gujrati originated dishes, Dhokla is a vegetarian dish. Despite of originating from Gujrat, many people all around India and even the world eat and relish Dhoklas. The preparation technique is very unique as it is prepared using a split chickpeas and rice batter that is fermented.

The fermentation of this dish makes it a unique Gujrati cuisine. People usually consume it during breakfast or snack times but there are people who eat Dhoklas as main course. There have been instances where Dhoklas have been mistaken for Khaman, which is another Gujrati dish. Despite of having a visual similarity with Dhokla, the preparationand ingredient is different for the dishes.

The Growing Popularity Of Dhokla Recipes

Dhokla recipe | Image Resource :

The popularity of Dhokla is not only restricted to real life and several fictional works such as movies and literary works have mention of Dhokla in them. This only shows the popularity of the dish which has spread across the world. There are several types of Dhokla recipe such as Rava dhokla, cabbage dhokla, moong dal dhokla, cheese dhokla, rasiya dhokla, mango dhokla, etc.

Chefs and food lovers do not hesitate when it comes to experimenting with this simple dish. Most of these experiments have resulted in delicious combinations and dishes. Dhokla is a very light, fluffy and humble dish that is also popular for being a healthy delicacy. It has several nutritious values because of the fermentation and steam preparation. The oil content is also very less which makes it a low-calorie dish.

When it comes to Dhokla, people do not have to sacrifice on taste for a healthy choice. Those who do not love other types of bland foods such as oats or cereals can easily eat the delicious Dhokla without any kind of hesitation. Another advantage of Dhokla is that the Dhokla recipes are not complicated and can be easily prepared.

Finding New Dhokla Recipes On The Internet

Previously, chefs would release their recipes in a book and share it with others but these days the internet has allowed anyone and everyone to share their own culinary inventions with others. Social networking sites or web stream sites have allowed people to upload their own recipes which has made Dhoklas even more popular.

Dhokla is one of those dishes that can be experimented with different flavours and ingredients. The different types of Dhokla recipes that are available on the internet is a clear proof of this statement. Other than this there are several food bloggers as well who upload recipes on their own websites or food websites in order to share their ideas with others. New recipes to prepare Dhokla can be easily found on them. 

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Some Distinguishing Features of Spherical Plain Bearing, Making It Highly Reliable

For effective running of machines, it is imperative that a specific bearing is used. The developments in engineering technology have made significant contributions in the design and improvement of bearings in order to facilitate easy handling of heavy loads during the rotational movement of machine components. Moreover, they also go through self-alignment when functioning under harsh and adverse conditions.

Spherical Plain Bearings | Image Resource :

Among the several bearing variants, the spherical plain bearings are designed to undergo “multi-directional alignment movements” and they come in standardized design and dimensions to enable easy mounting and dismounting for maintenance. They are used predominantly to handle heavy loads when the bearing makes repeated slewing and tilting movements at reasonably low speeds. The forces acting may happen during the oscillating and slewing movements at comparatively low speed or the forces may remain static.

With the standardization of the spherical plain bearing, it is interchangeable and comes as a ready-to-mount unit. It has the parts such as outer and inner rings, sliding contact surfaces, rollers and a cage. However, the most important feature of this spherical bearing is its inner and outer rings, which are crafted to have “sphered convex outside diameter and “sphered concave inside surface”.

With the ring raceways of the spherical plain bearing built using “high carbon chromium steel” and toughened and phosphate coated, it does not undergo stress while oscillation and shifting of loads to the sliding contact surfaces and also not get corroded.

Different Types of Spherical Plain Bearing

You have enough types of spherical plain bearing when it comes to finding an appropriate one. Some of the popular ones found in use are the radial spherical plain bearing, spherical plain thrust bearing, angular contact spherical plain bearing, and more. All the types mentioned above are known for their spherical sliding contact surfaces, which gives an advantage over the angular contact ball bearings by handling a combination of radial and axial loads.

With the use of this type of rolling bearing found in most of the industries, it is conveniently classified as:

Self-lubricating Spherical Plain Bearing: This comes with a “self-lubricating PTFE liner”, and as a result, it helps the machines to function under extreme and unfriendly conditions, without any breaks or stoppages for maintenance. The bearing has a long service life for there is no requirement for lubrication at regular intervals.

Spherical Plain Bearing Requiring Lubrication: The spherical plain bearing of this type asks for lubrication and maintenance for it does not encourage lubrication due to no fitting grooves and holes.

With a lot of variants and designs available, it is essential to find an appropriate spherical plain bearing and any accessories like cages, pillow block bearing, brackets, etc., for a better use. 

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What Are The Different Kinds Of Job Opportunities After MBA In Finance? 

ITM News | Image Resource:

MBA in Finance means no easygoing plan. You can consider it to be as a preparation for one concerning the various responsible roles within the business. Certainly, you will continue managing the finances concerning the business plus as everyone understands finances manage an industry plus you will remain in custody. 

There are various opportunities concerning finance grads in ITM News. Furthermore, the basis for this attraction is the different subjects explained to the disciples within 2 years. They cover Investment management, corporate valuation, Taxation, Financial statement, Management control system, Analysis and reporting of financial services, and Tax planning. Here are some of the job opportunities for students taking MBA in Finance

  • Accounting Manager 
  • Insurance & Risk Managers 
  • Chief Financial Officers 
  • Cash managers 
  • Manager  Consultants 
  • Investment Bankers 
  • Corporate Controllers 
  • Investing Sales Traders & Associates 
  • Investment Banking Associates 
  • Finance Officers & Treasurers 
  • Credit Managers & Specialists 
  • Financial analyst 

Career Growth 

An MBA under Finance graduation from ITM Institute of News possesses ample of possibilities waiting nearby. All you require to do is grasp it. Everything regarding is due to the diverse experience and professional attitude you possess. There are exciting careers within financial institutions, financial consultancies, including banks. 

To remain more particular, you can enter into professions like an investment, merchant banking, and consumer banking, corporate finance, international finance, including institutional economics. Once you raise your business activity then you can work on government boards and supplement your facts to the policy-making problems. You can likewise provide conference assistance to management and corporate teams. 

Salary Schemes 

Now, you need to know the money matters involved in the same. Majorly the salary scale is based on the business academy from where you complete your finance graduation. The more elevated the stature of the b-school, the greater the pay scale. Furthermore, it is known that the financial fellows from ITM News have forever taken the richer pay scale even robust than the marketing people. It is one among those Tier I colleges which have witnessed successful campus placements and students are seen to have secured better positions in related companies. 

Furthermore, if you possess work practice and need to attempt a PGP program in banking then a managerial MBA in India remains the best fit for you. Certainly, it is a one year MBA program and teaches all concerning the teachings concerning the full-time MBA, therefore if you're considering of seeking an MBA in Finance, you must go for it, the destiny looks happy for you.

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4 Delicious Rajma Recipes you Need to try At Home Right Now

These cute little beans look like miniature forms of your kidneys. One of the favorites of Vegans, Rajma or kidney beans is a top food option in the India. People here prepare Rajma with some rich Indian spices and form gravy to eat with chapatis or rice. Now, there is a bit of debate when it comes to assuming Rajma is a product of the Indian subcontinent. However, most people say it was a staple food diet of Northern India and Nepal.

Rajma Recipe | Image Resource :

Rajma is, no doubt a very nutritious food. If you consume boiled Rajma, know that you are taking 5.7 gm of Protein and 18 gm of Carbohydrate. You also gain 140 Calories and 5.7 gm Fat. Instead of further thinking about the food values of these kidney beans, you should better try out four delicious recipes that you can make with Rajma.

Make The Life Partner Of Rajma Chawal

Everyone knows about the popularity of Rajma Chawal. The dish that has its home in the hills of Northern India is the most favourite among Punjabis. However, you need to prepare the Rajma Masala first, which is like the better half of Rajma Chawal. Rajma Masala is also a great dish to have with Naan, chapatis or Tandoori Rotis. However, having many love to have it with jeera rice or white rice.

Know About How Kashmir Loves Their Rajma

Rajma is a special cuisine of Northern parts of India. People from Kashmir love their Rajma. Rajma Gogji is the dish that is specially prepared in the winter months. All that you need is some fresh Turnips along with rajma to create an amazing Rajma recipe. Enjoy the flavors of the hills in a cold winter night.

Himachal People also Offers this Dish

If you ever go to Himachal Pradesh, one thing is for sure that you will get to eat a special dish. They call it Rajma Madra. This dish has curd and this addition takes it to the whole new level of being delicious. So whenever you go to the mountains, do not miss out on this Rajma recipe.

Is It Rice And Peas?

Rice and Peas is a classical Jamaican dish that you need to try as soon as possible. If you are wondering where the Rajma is in the dish, then yes you need to eat this to discover the reality. There are no green peas at all in it. Rice and Peas is the Jamaican version of what we call Rajma Chawal. Exciting, isn’t it?

Rajma is just like another cereal than can make superb delicacies when you add spices and cook it. Try out these dishes to experience the delicate texture and healthy food! 

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Pop Up Box- A Wise Investment for a Clutter Free Environment

With small office spaces and homes, we may feel difficult to manage computer cables and wires cluttered around. With a lot of computer wires connected to different gadgets such as modem, printer, scanner, mouse cup connected. These wires and cables connected to different parts of the computer will consume space making the whole environment messy. To manage these wires and cables you can invest in good desk port or a pop box available in the market.

Pop Up Box

You Must Be Wondering What Is a Pop Up Box or A Desk Port!

A desk port or a pop up box is a box consisting of sockets to connect many wires or USBs or cables with it. You can manage all your wires with this box where the box has a lid that can be opened and shut. This feature helps you hoard all the wires and connect to the gadgets without creating amess.

This piece of hardware arranges the wires and cables and keeps them concealed to eliminate protruded and tangled wires out of the gadgets. When installed in a conference room, you can connect many gadgets such as speakers, laptops, and projectors or printers as well. Furthermore, with cluttered wires and cables the chances of accidents are more and cleaning process would be very difficult leaving the environment dusty and untidy. With as desk port or pop up box cleaning becomes very easy avoid accidents too.

Most significantly, a messy working space will lead to unpleasant environment and affect the enthusiasm of the staff. When you keep your work space clean and well-organized you can enhance confidence and productivity to increase profit. Moreover, by investing wisely in the desk ports, maintenance, repairs and replacements cost of the equipment are also saved.

Pop-Up Box –for Home

When it comes to arranging or decorating a home, in most of the cases your overlook at it and keep your home un-organized. This will create a messy environment and you have to run around and search for gadgets such as phones and laptops. You can save a lot of time and money by organizing your wires and cables at your home by installing a pop up box at your home.

With this wise investment you can save time wasted on searching for your gadgets. Apart from this you can create a sae home environment too. A pop-up box will help you organize all your wires and cables efficiently. A pop up box is slightly different from a desk port where it pop ups from the cancelled place when you press the button. You can search online to avail to know about more features of this most useful hardware. 

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